To book a consultation appointment please fill out the form below or directly contact your preferred hospital. Appointments with Spire Shawfair Hospital can be made directly by clicking the link below:

Spire Shawfair Hospital

If you are an Optometrist or General Practitioner, we would appreciate if you could use our referral forms for additional clinical details.


Although helpful, an optometrist/optician referral is not required.

The Edinburgh Clinic
40 Colinton Road
EH10 5BT

Tel: 0131 447 2340

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Spire Shawfair Park Hospital
10 Easter Shawfair
Danderhall, Dalkeith
EH22 1FE

Tel: 0131 654 5600

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Direct emails may be sent to:

Please note this email is not monitored constantly and clinical or emergency queries should not be sent to this address. All clinical and emergency queries should be directed to the respective hospital which you obtained treatment. If you have not had treatment and are in need of emergency care, please attend a community optometrist or your local A&E department as a first port of call.

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