Glaucoma Risk Factors

Anyone can develop glaucoma at any age, some of the risk factors include:

Age: As a person gets older, they have increased chances of developing glaucoma and it is one of the major risk factors. It is found only in 2% of people above the age of 40 and in 10% of people above the age of 75.

Family History: Like many other diseases, glaucoma also holds a higher risk of developing is any close blood relatives have glaucoma. If glaucoma is detected in one a member of the family, the others should be cautious, especially those who are above the age of 40. After the age of 40, all family members should have eye examinations on regular basis (at least every 2 years), so any signs of damage to the optic nerve can be minimized if required.

Race: People from African-carribean ethnic background have a higher risk of developing open angle glaucoma. People from this background can develop glaucoma at an age before 40 also and more quickly. People from East Asian backgrounds are at more risk of developing closed angle glaucoma.

Glasses Prescription/Refractive Error: People suffering from short-sightedness are more at a risk of developing open angle glaucoma while people suffering from long-sightedness are more at a risk of developing closed angle glaucoma.

Diabetes and Steroids: Being diabetic and taking steroids for an extended period of time increases the risk of developing glaucoma.


While care has been taken to compile accurate information and to keep it up to date, Mr Agarwal cannot guarantee its correctness and completeness. The information provided in this information sheet is designed to support care and is not a substitute for professional healthcare advice, by a qualified doctor or other healthcare professional, which will be tailored to a patient’s individual circumstances.

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