Other Glaucoma

Secondary glaucoma 

  • Secondary glaucoma is generally caused when there is effect of another eye condition, such as an eye injury, or certain treatments, medications, or surgery. 
  • The treatment of secondary glaucoma includes the treatment of the cause and reducing the eye pressure. 
  • Treatment may also include different types of drops and lasers including Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty, Peripheral Iridotomy, Cyclodiode and Micropulse


Congenital/Juvenile glaucoma 

  • This type of glaucoma is rarely found in a new born or young child because their drainage system hasn’t developed properly before birth or the structure of the eye is abnormal. This type of glaucoma is treated in an early stage of life and maintained by specialists’ clinics. 


While care has been taken to compile accurate information and to keep it up to date, Mr Agarwal cannot guarantee its correctness and completeness. The information provided in this information sheet is designed to support care and is not a substitute for professional healthcare advice, by a qualified doctor or other healthcare professional, which will be tailored to a patient’s individual circumstances.

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